Basics of powder skiing


Powder skiing is to slide on freshly fallen snow with your skies. It’s just a wonderful experience to slide on these fresh tracks, the smoothness and the feel are mind-blowing. Everyone is not that lucky to experience powder skiing, because there is no guarantee. But some areas and resorts are blessed enough to have fresh snowfall which is ideal for powder skiing, so all you can do is to do the research before planning for skiing, the rest is your luck. Powder skiing may look quite easy, but it needs a little different technique than normal skiing. So, do consider some tips to powder skiing like an expert, which are as follows:

The pair of skis make a difference i.e. the wider skis are suggested for smooth powder skiing. As the snow is quite fresh and soft, so wider skies are needed because a wider base works great to make a good platform for sliding down the hills. With a good platform, it gets easier for you to enjoy powder skiing. It doesn’t mean that you can’t powder skiing with the normal skis, it’s just you need to work harder, and gets little challenging. If you don’t have one, just get it on rent for a day or two, and your purpose is solved.

To make a balance and to control your skis, you need to put pressure on both of your skis, else it will run away from you and make you fall. Because with pressure, you can create a great platform, and gets easier for you to control your skis. Just bend a little bit and put some pressure forward i.e. not too forward and not too backward. Do consider one more thing, that keeps your skis quite close to each other i.e. around shoulder width, not too close that they’ll touch with each other. And don’t make it too wide, because powder skiing with too wide skis can run away from you and make you fall. In short, put pressure on your skis and keep your skis a little close to keep sliding down that deep and fresh snow.

To keep moving, just adjust your body weight i.e. align it in the center, use your core muscles, and don’t move your upper body. These little things can help you maintain balance while doing powder skiing. Your little mistake can make you fall and you may get hurt (not by the snow, but sometimes some objects like rocks get covered by the fresh snow and will not get visible). So maintain your balance with the proper positioning of the upper body and the pressure on the skis, so that you are less likely to fall and have more fun.

If you try powder skiing with slow speed, you may end up struggling to maintain balance and difficult to take turns. For powder skiing, speed works great to get the momentum that is needed to take smooth slides and turns. It’s good to slide in speed, but make sure your speed is under your control i.e. in which you get comfortable. It’s simple, the more comfortable you feel, the more you can enjoy powder skiing. Just balance up your body, have some momentum, and go with the flow.

In on-piste skiing, you need to utilize the edges to make a hold on your skis. But in powder skiing, you need to take turns by using/moving your thighs and not only with the skis’ edges. Just rotate your thighs to make any turn. Just make your whole body more inclined, but with less angulation and keep going by putting the equivalent pressure on both skis. Use this technique to keep your turns smooth and comfortable while doing powder skiing.

Your feet are most likely to get slow down in that deep and fresh snow over the hills, which is the main culprit of imbalance. So your feet little push and keep it moving to sustain your stability. Sometimes, skis tend to run and make you fall on your back, while other times it stuck in the snow and make you fall on your face. Just adjust your feet as per the situation to control your skis. The more you are able to maintain balance, the less you are likely to fall while skiing. So make adjustments to maintain balance.

While taking turns, don’t make sudden or rush turns like zig-zag types, because this way, you end up falling in the snow. As you are sliding on with some momentum, so just take your turns slowly and gradually like flowing in the S types. Because this smooth S-type turn will maintain your speed and will not let you fall. And it’s even good to elongate your turns with as much radius as you feel comfortable. Practice it in a long and wide run. Keep practicing and expertise your turns while sliding down the slopes.

It’s good to slide down the slopes with a rhythm while going for powder skiing, but sometimes it gets a little harder to be in rhythm. So you need to make adjustments like when you speed up, when to slow down, how to make turns etc. so that you’ll remain in rhythm throughout and can get the right position to get the bounce. This rhythm actually helps you to use the momentum of one turn for the next one.

first of all, one of the best things you should do is to relax your mind and try to have fun. Don’t stress out and push yourself too hard. As everything needs some time to learn, so have some patience and meanwhile, keep practicing. Just enjoy your little falls and mistakes, so that you can learn from them, just be careful to avoid falling and twisting, so that it won’t hurt you. Stay happy and enjoy your snowy slides.


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