Best destinations for wonderful kayaking experience around the world (apart from Canada)

To explore the beauty of nature and to have an adventure through kayaking is just a wonderful experience. There are many beautiful water surfaces all around the world, which gives you a unique and spectacular experience. To watch the landscapes, forests, glaciers, water-creatures, Wales, ancient caves, and that sunset are simply WOW! Just lookout for the best destinations all around the world and try to have a kayaking experience over there even just once, you yourself will get to know what that feeling is. Here, we are listing some destinations from all over the world, which are best for a wonderful kayaking experience, are as follows:

The United States is just a perfect place for kayaking with so many rivers, lakes, and bays. Some common US spots for kayaking are the Colorado River in Arizona, Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska, Mangroves in the Everglades of Florida, Tyger River in South California, Gauley River in West Virginia, and many more. Some water surfaces are for calm paddling, whereas some are good for rapid white-waters. So choose the one as per your ability and interest. Every river or lake has had its own specialty and is unique in its own way. So do explore various rivers or lakes and be amazed.

Greenland is a beautiful destination to explore the glaciers, icebergs, and wildlife with your kayaks or canoes. Even if you are not experienced, it’s still good to try and explore it at once with the guide. Some best Greenland kayaking destinations are Ilulissat in North Greenland, The Blue River in North Greenland, Disco Bay on the west coast of Greenland, Sermilik Fjord in South-East of Greenland, and many more. That icy landscapes and the melted glaciers will give you a never forgetting experience. With every kayaking trip, you actually gather the experience and the beautiful memory for the lifetime.

New Zealand is less populated but a wonderful adventure paradise, so it’s best to explore it with your kayak. Just navigate the waterways to enjoy the beauty of this country. Some most popular spots in New Zealand for kayaking are: Lake McLaren in Sawyer, Marlborough Sounds is in North-East of South Island, Whanganui in the North Island, Bay Of Islands is next to the North Island, and many more. In short, the North Island and the South Island are best for kayaking spots. New Zealand is just best for scenic views, dolphins, seals, and penguins.

Norway is one of the best destinations for every kayaking level. Kayaking in Norway is very relaxing, enjoyable, and even adventurous. The fjord is one of the best spots in Norway and to explore it with a kayak makes it even more memorable. Apart from this, some other popular spots in Norway which are best for kayaking are Finney Island, Sandefjord and Tonsberg, Hydra Island, Lofoten Island, and many more. Just navigate your kayak to enjoy the beauty of landscapes, sandy beaches, humpback whales, and other marine creatures in the waterways of Norway.

Art, Architecture, cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and islands are Italy’s main attractions. You’ll get thousands of lakes over there, which makes it a huge attraction for kayakers as well. Some popular kayaking spots in Italy are Lake Garda in North Italy, Sicily Island in southern Italy, Cala Luna beach in Sardinia, Capri Island in Bay of Naples, and many more. Before choosing any of the waterways, just make sure to get to know about them deeply before planning your kayaking trip. Because waterways can sometimes get very risky, so first of all get to know about it and then plan up your trip.

The Maldives, which is well known for its crystal clear water and is the best destination for a vacation. The Maldives is a wonderful place to enjoy the peace and the beauty of nature by kayaking. Over there, you can easily get the kayak on rent. There are thousands of islands in the Maldives like Maafushi Island, Male Island, Kuredu Island, Biyadhoo Island, and many more. This makes the Maldives a good place to enjoy the vacation, kayaking, snorkeling, and some other underwater activities. While kayaking, that calming wind, clear water, and the dolphins, is just the perfect view that many dreams of.

Mexico is popular for delicious cuisines, historical temples, mariachi music, and sandy beaches. Baja Peninsula in Mexico is well known for its adventure, which is covered with beautiful landscapes and a number of waterways of thousands of miles. This makes Baja California the most ideal destination for kayaking around the world. There are many famous spots of Bajaj Peninsula that are considered best for kayaking, like The Sea of Cortez, Isla Espiritu Santo, Isla San Jose, etc. These spots are extremely beautiful with various types of marine mammals. That slow paddling and the view make you feel out of this world.

France has various popular destinations for kayaking, where are good for relaxation and for adventure as well. The variation and the natural environment of France are huge attractions for kayakers. Some popular kayaking destinations in France are Lake St. Croix, The Dordogne, River Tarn, Lochrist White Water Center, and many more. Just explore these natural rivers and waterways by your kayak to have the best exploring experience. If you are an experienced kayaker, then choose the calm waterways. But if you are an experienced kayaker, then you can choose the rapid white waters as per your ability.

While going out for any water activity including kayaking, do remember one thing that water surfaces can get risky, so always choose the place and plan up your trip wisely. Going out as per your ability makes your kayaking trip more enjoyable, else you may put yourself at a huge risk. Just a little awareness and you are all safe for your kayaking trip. Choose the right kayaking spot, and have a wonderful kayaking experience.

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