Best ski-apps to predict the best time on slopes

As technology is booming everywhere, so as it spread its feet in winter sports as well. Yes! You have heard it right, there are many apps that have many features in them, like the weather forecast, activity tracker, maps, booking facility, safety measures, and many more. If we’ll get this much facility in a very convenient way, how can we miss this before hitting snowy slopes? Let’s get started to get to know about some most used ski apps to predict the slopes and even your speed, distance, and everything, which are listed below:

Mountain Hub (Android And iOS):
Mountain hub is a free app, which is mainly designed to get information on what’s going on around the slopes so that you’ll stay safe over there. This app allows the external community to share and update about real-time situations i.e. by geo-tagging possible hazards and about the current situation. This app is somehow like a navigation map i.e. it has offline maps, a tracking facility, a safety aid, and a navigation tool. The key feature of this app will help you stay safe and secure in the snowy mountains.

Liftopia (Android And iOS):
With liftopia app, it gets very easy for you to plan your ski vacation within a budget. With this app, you’ll get to know about the various discounts or deals on lift tickets, gear rents, or some other purchases. Simply, download it for free, select your resort by checking out the deals, and can also make a booking from this app. In this app, you can also save your favorite spot and allow it to notify you about the deals. This app is also for free and has a user-friendly interface, just download it and plan your trip.

Ski Tracks (Android And iOS):
If you are looking for an app that keeps track of your distance, speed, or every move on the slopes, then SkiTracks is for you. With the help of GPS, it records and collects the data like total distance covered slope inclination, and the approximate speed, and then represents it on the map. One of the best things about this app is: it runs in the back-end, hence helps to save your mobile’s battery. Good to download this app, if you want to keep track of your moves on the slopes.

Slopes: Ski & Snowboard (Android And iOS):
Earlier, this app was only available for iOS users, but now in 2021, it’s available for Andriod users as well. This app automatically keeps track of your runs, lifts, ski speed, vertical distance, and also provides other facilities like weather forecasts, resort maps, and many more. For that, you just need GPS, the mobile in your pocket, and you are all done. Just like SkiTracks, Slopes is also a battery-efficient app i.e. it keeps track of your every move by providing additional features and also saves your battery.

SkiLynx (Android And iOS):
You can easily communicate with your family, friends, or ski-buddies on the slopes with the help of the SkiLynx app. With the help of GPS, this app also helps you to get to know about your friend’s location including slope difficulty, so that you can select the meeting point as per your ability on the slopes i.e. without putting yourself in danger. This app also provides a chat facility i.e. you can send messages to each other and you can also pre-set your message and then send it on the spot with just a single tap. In short, download this app to stay connected.

Ski Tracking (Android):
Exa’s ski tracking is also one of the best apps to keep track of your winter activity i.e. ski speed, distance, have a record now and view later option can also share your picture with your friends and many more. To efficiently run this app, a proper signal of GPS is more than sufficient to keep track of your movement on the slopes. For additional features, you can also try 30 days free trial of a premium version.

Carv (Android And iOS):
One of the best points of this app is Carv app when paired with the Carv sensor inserts act as a digital ski coach. Carv app uses GPS to keep track of your movement on hills like speed, distance, and the detailed stat of the day. Whereas, when you pair your app with the carv sensor inserts, it gives you so much other information like check your balance, pressure, performance, measure your technique while sliding or making turns, etc. After collecting all the info, it also gives some tips and suggestions to further improve your skiing skills.

OpenSnow (Android And iOS):
Get the information regarding ski conditions and snow forecasts by downloading the OpenSnow app on your mobile. You’ll get the daily analysis of the snow forecast and will also get the notification regarding the best powder in the area. This app works great to get to know about the fresh snow so that you can enjoy powder skiing. You can also compare the powder from the various resorts condition and then choose the one as per your wish.

OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report (Android And iOS):
As the name suggested, get the report of the snow, the current skiing condition, and the weather of the resort which you plan to visit with powder notification, with this app. This app is not just good to provide details on ski and snow conditions, but you can also check coupons and discounts off equipment and lift tickets, resort reviews, trail maps, webcam facilities, etc. You can get all this info for free, by just downloading it on your mobile, so that you can have enjoyed more in your ski-vacation.

These are just some common ski apps, apart from that, there are various apps available like Epicmix, Snocru, Off The Grid, FATMAP, and many more. In general, the functioning of all the apps are almost the same, but some are better in one area and others are better in other areas i.e. some apps are more specified for tracking purposes, some are more specified for forecasting and others are good for staying in touch with your ski-buddies. Just choose the one which best serves your purpose. Just download the app, predict the slopes, stay safe, and have more fun!


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