Exercises To Prepare Yourself For Kayaking

For kayaking, you have to paddle all the time to transport the kayak. It’s not that easy, especially if you want to cover long-distance or want to perform tricks on the rapid water surfaces. For that, you need a lot of strength and stamina. If you are that fit or have stronger muscles, then it gets easy for you to paddle and enjoy nature. Otherwise, you’ll get too tired or have muscle stiffness at the end of the day. Then it’s good to do some basic exercises to strengthen your muscles so that you better prepare for kayaking. In general, your back, shoulder, arms, chest, and core muscles play a very important role to keep paddling, so you need to train or strengthen them. There are endless exercises to train those muscles, but let’s check out some basic exercises that help you to better perform in kayaking, which is as follows:

Bent-over row exercise is just perfect to strengthen your upper body muscles i.e. upper back, lower back, shoulders, hamstrings, and glutes. It also works great to strengthen your core muscles. This is just one of the basic exercises, you can also try any other as per your choice. This exercise works wonders to enhance your shoulder’s stability, which is one of the main muscles used while kayaking/canoeing. So, do train your muscles with one of these excellent exercise and improve your paddling stamina.

Push-ups are one of the basic and powerful exercises to strengthen your upper body i.e. chest, shoulders, triceps, lower back, and core muscle. And the best part is, you don’t even need any equipment and perform it anywhere. You can further modify it to become more challenging so that you’ll get more strength in your upper body. The more strength you have in your arms, shoulders, back, or chest, the more easily you can paddle for a long duration. Do exercise for at least a month or two, before planning for your kayaking trip.

Who will miss dumbbell press, when there comes the matter of strengthening your chest. A stronger chest is a must to improve your performance in any activity including kayaking. Do train your chest muscles with dumbbell press, bench press, chest-fly, or any other chest exercise, so that you perform well while making paddling strokes. This way, it gets quite effortless for you to properly use the technique of paddling, which in turn makes it easier for you to have control of your kayak. Be smart, just a little weight-training exercise, and you are open to many activities where strength matters a lot.

As a paddler, you need to work on your whole body, especially on your arms. So do train your biceps with arm curls, hammer curls, dumbbell curls, etc. These biceps exercises will give your arms more strength and power. You’ll need this strength to paddle for long-distance or to move your kayak on challenging water surfaces. This exercise works great to strengthen your biceps muscles, triceps muscles, and core strength. Just use your strength with smartness to enhance your kayaking skills.

Bench dips are one of the most common and wonderful exercises to strengthen your triceps (i.e. the back area of the upper arm) and shoulders. The stronger triceps is the key to stronger arms, so do strengthen them well. This exercise also works well to improve your kayaking performance. Apart from this, you can also try diamond push-ups, tricep push-down, bench press with close-grip, etc. If you have strength and stamina, you hardly get sore muscles after your kayaking trip.

While training your chest, shoulders, or arms, don’t forget to strengthen your core for kayaking. Cross-crunches is one of the best exercises for beginners to strengthen their core muscles and to improve their posture. With good core strength, you can maintain stability and use your core strength for paddling, which makes you less tired and you can go a long way. Apart from cross-crunches, you can also try plank, squats, deadlift, sit-ups, and many more to strengthen your core muscles. The strength of your core muscle is basically the base of your whole body’s strength. Never skip your core strengthening exercise, when you prepare yourself for kayaking.

Cable wood chop is simply an amazing exercise to train your upper body for paddling. The pulling and pushing of the cable will strengthen the muscles of your arms, back, shoulders, glutes, or chest. That pulling and pushing will better prepare you for the technique of paddling. This exercise also helps you to improve your grip and holding power, which is most needed in holding the paddle while making strokes. You can also try variations of it for further strength. Do consider this exercise in your workout routine and get prepared to have more fun while kayaking.

For kayaking, even your lower body needs strength to stabilize your whole body, which helps to maintain balance and improve paddling form. For that, the deadlift is just the best exercise to strengthen your legs, back, shoulders, arms, and core. For more strength, you can also try sumo deadlift, Romanian deadlift, and can also try squats. Simply, work on your whole body and increase stamina before step-in into the water with your kayak, so that you can perform well and enjoy more.

Plank row is good to consider preparing for kayaking, because it proves very helpful to strengthen your shoulders, back, core, and arms. The benefits of plank row not only stick to strengthening your muscles but also improve your pulling power i.e. proves helpful to push or pull the paddle while kayaking or canoeing. As a beginner, it’s good to start with simple exercises to build strength (like a simple plank), then try different variations (like plank row), so that you’ll get more strength and power from the single exercise. Keep working on your body’s strength and stamina, to get better results in other activities including kayaking.

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