Health Benefits Of kayaking

Kayaking is not just a fun activity to explore the nature but also has many health benefits including physical as well as mental. You can simply navigate your kayak in any kind of waterways (according to your capability) and can explore for several hours, which in turn is very good for your health and fitness. Kayaking has various health benefits, let’s discuss them in detail, which are as follows:

As we all know that stress is the culprit of many health problems, and it’s very important to reduce your stress levels for good health. While going out for kayaking, you can explore the nature especially that calm water and fresh air, which are very effective to reduce your stress and make your mind calm and relaxed. If you go for kayaking on a regular basis, which is also a form of exercise, it helps to reduce your stress. You’ll notice how relaxed your mind is within just a few days.

Most of the people go out for kayaking for several hours. When you paddle to navigate your kayak, it helps you to burn calories. In general, you can burn 400-500 calories in an hour. If you go out for kayaking for several hours and at least 4-5 days in a week, then you’ll shred your extra kilos i.e. great activity to lose weight. Simply enjoy the nature and loose your weight, isn’t it a great combination? It’s more fun, helps you stay fit, and at the same time you enjoy your day.

While paddling, most of your upper-body muscles (i.e. arms, shoulders, and back muscles) are used. So while paddling, you exercise these muscles for several hours in a day, which helps to tone and strengthen those muscles. With every stroke, you have to apply force in which your core muscles are also involved up-righting your body. This means kayaking is also a great activity to strengthen your abs. While going out for kayaking, you also tighten or loosen your leg muscles several times in a trip to maintain balance and to take turns. This means somehow it’s also good for leg muscles as well. In short, kayaking is a great activity to strengthen your muscles especially upper body muscles.

Any type of aerobic or cardiac exercises increase your heart rate, which is good to improve the blood circulation and good for your heart muscles as well. Kayaking is also a form of aerobic exercise, so if done on regular basis, it also improves your heart health. Next time when you go out for kayaking, better to figure out your heart rate while paddling, you’ll notice the difference i.e. increase in your heart rate. Kayaking is not just good for your muscles, mental health or mood, but also good for your heart health, which is surprising, right?

Paddling for several hours will gradually help to increase your stamina. Kayaking is also a type of moderate exercise, which helps you feel energetic for longer and you get less tired. Simply navigate your kayak for at-least 4 times a week to increase your stamina. You don’t need to go for too long-sessions to get the health benefits of kayaking, even short-sessions on a regular basis make a difference.

Any kind of exercise is a great way to uplift your mood. Even simple exercise if done on a regular basis helps to release happy hormones i.e. endorphins in the body, which help to uplift your mood, make you stay positive, make you feel more confident and keep your mind calm. Kayaking comes in the category of moderately intense exercise, which is a great way to uplift your mood and helps you stay positive while enjoying the nature.

Socializing and meeting new people is also very important to enjoy and have fun. Kayaking is a great way to socialize, meet new people to get experiences together, and you can also go for kayaking with your family or friends. It’s simply a great way to get-together i.e. you can share and enjoy memorable moments with each other. Socializing is very important to stay happy and feel good, then why not trying kayaking for that ? Make new bonds or friends to stay happy.

As kayaking is an outdoor activity which takes place mostly at the day-time, hence you are exposed to sunlight for longer. If you go for kayaking on a regular basis, then your body can easily meet the daily requirement of vitamin-D through sunlight. Vitamin-D is very essential for your health i.e. it helps to boost immunity, is good for brain development, is good for the heart, and it has many more benefits. But most of the people these days have deficiency of vitamin-D, because you hardly meet the requirement of vitamin-D through food, so mostly supplements are recommended. In other words we can say, any outdoor activity like kayaking is a great way to get vitamin-D.

The hormones released after doing exercise not only help to reduce stress or uplift your mood, but also help to improve your focus and memory. Then why not get all these benefits by just navigating your kayak on waterways while enjoying the nature ? Because of it’s benefits, kayaking is also suggested for people who are going through anxiety or a depression phase. This makes kayaking activity beneficial for your overall mental health.

As it takes a lot of force to pull your kayak even for a few hours, which makes you feel exhausted and tired at the end of the day. A calm mind and a tired day (just like after doing exercise) will most probably give you a sound and good night sleep. So on this basis, kayaking helps to improve your sleep as well. And a good night sleep also has a huge impact on your overall health i.e. the better sleep you’ll get, the better you’ll feel. So enjoy kayaking for its enormous benefits.

This one activity is good to have fun, experience adventure, enjoy the beauty of nature and at the same time it also benefits your health. These benefits of kayaking will definitely give you the reason that you should try kayaking.

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