Let’s talk about some best ski-resorts in the United States

Are you a ski-lover or want to give it a try? And look for the best ski resorts in the United States? Then, you are in right place. We do the research for you so that you’ll get the genuine info and then elaborate it in the form of this article. If you are planning a ski vacation, then don’t forget to check out the list of ski resorts.
When we are talking about skiing that means snowy mountains, which you best found in the western United States. Even on the eastern side, there are various resorts which are best for skiing. There are various resorts in the U.S. that allow skiing and provide various other facilities as well. Without wasting any more time, let’s look at the list of the best ski resorts in the U.S., which are listed below:

Park city mountain resort is one of the largest ski resorts, which is located in Park City, Utah i.e. in the western U.S. It covers a very large area i.e. outspread in 7300 acres. This resort is best for skiing, provides thousands of other facilities located very close to Salt Lake City International Airport (i.e. has a drive of just 30-40 minutes) and you can even enjoy many things in the town of Park City. If you are looking for the best place for skiing, then this resort best serves your purpose i.e. good terrain for beginners, intermediate, and even for experts. And even the stay in Salt Lake City is quite affordable. Do consider this resort for the best ski vacation in Utah.

In Aspen (Colorado), you’ll get four main ski areas i.e. Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Highlands, and Buttermilk. Too many ski areas are there in Aspen with wonderful facilities for your comfort and enjoyment. Aspens allow many other winter activities as well apart from skiing, like ice-skating, snowmobiling, and even cross-country skiing. All these resorts are very close to each other and in total i.e. after combining, it covers around 5500 acres. Many skiers prefer these resorts for a wonderful skiing experience in Aspen, and the best part is that the airport is very close to these resorts.

VAIL SKI-RESORT in Colorado:
One of the best and most popular resorts in Vail, Colorado is Vail Ski-Resort. Vail is just the best place for skiing in the United States, where you can get groomed runs, very large-terrains and even fresh powder. This place has a variety of terrains i.e. from beginners to experts. In the Vail town, you’ll get many facilities, restaurants, luxurious boutiques, and even entertainment spots. This place is also just wonderful for the families. But this place is very expensive i.e. best for rich people.

Breckenridge is also one of the most demanding place for skiing in Colorado. It is situated at a good height, so it gets near about 30 feet of snow every year. As, the tops of the hills are best suited for experts, whereas the lower part of the hill/resort are just perfect for beginners. It has near about a two-hour drive from DIA (Denver International Airport). It outspreads in around 3000 acres and has around 200 trails. The best part of this place is, it has plenty of lodging facilities i.e. ranging from affordable to luxurious. But in season, it sometimes gets overcrowded, which makes it a little frustrated.

BIG SKY RESORT in Montana:
The big sky resort is located in the south-west of Montana, and there you’ll get above 30 feet of fresh snow every year. It covers more than 5700 acres, which allow skiing. And from the top of the hill, the view is just amazing. Although this place is good for all the levels of skiers, it’s just perfect for the beginner. Over there, you’ll get plenty of terrains, where you can learn the skills as well as having fun with your family. After skiing, you can go to the mountain village to relax and to have something to eat.

As we are looking for the best ski resorts in the U.S., then how can we miss talking about one of the best cross-country skiing resorts i.e. sun valley resort in Idaho. They are quite popular for their wide, long, and open runs and are best for getting stability while skiing in speed. That’s just the perfect place for cross-country skiing lovers. On average, it has a coverage area of around 2000 acres. They also provide horse-drawn sleigh facility, which is very relaxing and a wonderful feeling. Just plan up your trip and enjoy nature while skiing.

For those who want to learn or practice skiing, Telluride ski resort is one of the best resorts to consider in Colorado, as around 60% of the run is for beginners. It also has some terrains which are best for advanced skiers. And you can also enjoy heli-skiing over there. This place is close to TRA (Telluride Regional Airport) i.e. has only 20 minutes drive. The views and the terrains over there are just extraordinary. The main disadvantage of this resort is: it is somehow hidden, and takes some time to reach there, so this place has less crowd. You can stay nearby and enjoy your meal after enjoying skiing.

Jackson Hole Mountain resort, Wyoming has epic terrain and steps, which make it a perfect place for advanced skiers. It also has some runs for intermediates, but do remember that this place is not for the beginners. And its also be a huge attraction for powder skiing. It has a coverage of around 2500 acres and gets more than 35 feet of snow every year. You can enjoy the meals, nightlife in Jackson’s town, and even get various lodging choices.

These are some most popular ski-resorts in United States. But apart from these, there are many others as well. For example: Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado, Sqaw Valley-Alpine Meadows Resort in California, Whiteface Mountain Resort in New York, Steamboat Resort in Colorado, Stowe Resort in Vermont, and many others. Some resorts are best for beginners, while others are best for advanced skiers, so pick the one for your ski-vacation as per your ability. In this Covid pandemic, some places, services, or flights may temporarily closed. So it’s better to confirm it before planning your ski-trip.


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