Let’s talk about the essentials for a ski trip

The more you stay warm and comfortable in your entire trip of snowy mountains, the more you enjoy and do your best while skiing. So not just your gears but your clothing also matter a lot while skiing. If you go out without proper planning or packing, then you may end up spoiling your trip. So, better to pack your bag properly with all the essentials when you are ready to hit the slopes of snowy mountains. Let’s check out the essentials to enjoy your ski-trip, which are as follows:

Base-layer for both tops and bottoms are very effective to keep you warm in that chilly weather. It’s better to choose breathable, comfortable, and performance based thermal over-cotton-based, because in case you get wet, your base-layer should protect you from getting wet. While some choose wool-based thermals, which is more effective to keep you warm. It’s all up to you, which type of thermals you want to choose. This is the most important essential, so never miss this.

It is always suggested to wear in layers when going out for skiing, because in case if weather gets a little warm, then you can remove a layer of clothing to get comfortable. After the base-layer, you can either wear the fleece or any light weight sweater as a middle layer to keep yourself warm. Then comes the upper layer of your clothing i.e. jacket, which should be waterproof, wind protector and must protect you from getting wet. Go for the good quality and light-weight layers of your outfits.

A ski-pant is also a must-have thing when you go out for skiing. Don’t wear jeans, sweatpants, or other kind of lowers, because you get wet when you fall or tumble down. Always wear sweatpants after your base-layer of your bottom. As ski-pants are water and wind-resistant, so it actually helps to keep you drier. These are available in various styles and colors, so pick the one as per your choice.

One of the most common mistakes that most new skiers do is to wear two pairs to keep himself/herself warm. This actually reduces the blood circulation and discomfort you while skiing. So, it’s very important to invest in a good pair of socks to enjoy your skiing experience. As you have to wear a single pair of socks, so choose the comfortable and light-weight socks, not the bulky one. Nice pair of ski-socks will definitely improve your ski performance.

It’s very important to keep your fingers and hands warm while skiing, because you can’t have a proper grip of the poles with frozen hands. Make sure your gloves/mittens should be water and wind-resistant and warm your hands. You can also wear glove-liners as a base-layer for your hands, which will help to keep your hands warm.

It’s better if you invest in a good-quality helmet, whether you are a beginner or you are an expert. It is a must to protect you from a head-injury in case you slip or tumble down at the surface. Protection is always better, so what’s the harm ? A good helmet also helps to keep your head warm and protects it from the blowing wind. There are a variety of helmets in the market, just pick the one which has a great fitting.

While skiing, your short or stylish sunglasses are not going to serve your purpose. You need proper goggles for skiing with anti-fog lenses. It’s also a must-have thing while skiing, it not only provides you better vision while snowing, but also protects you from sun-light. Simply pick the one that serves your purpose.

As different types of skiing need different types of skis. So you’ll need skis according to the type of skiing you want to go for. Either you want to buy the one or take it on rent, always look at the ski-chart and pick the one as per your height and weight. As skis are a necessity while skiing but ski-poles are optional. You can take the one if you want to but most of the youngsters like to ski without poles.

A pair of good fitted ski-boots make it more convenient for you to push your skis and can also help to maintain your balance. If you are a beginner, then some comfortable and supportive pair of shoes can serve your purpose. But if you are an expert and looking for the high-performance ones then choose the ski-boots according to the type of skiing you are going for.

It’s also very important to keep your neck warm while going out in those snowy mountains. Don’t forget to pack a comfortable neck-warmer in your backpack while packing for other essentials for skiing. You can also use it for various purposes like headband, balaclava, bandana, hood, etc. Better to choose a neck-warmer with breathable stuff.

A good headgear is always suggested before you put on your helmet, as this will also help to keep your head cozy. You should have one good-quality headgear with you while going out for skiing. If it’s snowing, you can wear it under your helmet or in case you put-off the helmet, headgear helps to protect your head from the cold wind.

Always carry your own water bottle with you and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated in-between. It’s also important to carry a nice sunscreen, moisturizer, and a lip balm with you. To protect yourself from raccoon eyes, it’s better to reapply sunscreen every few hours when you are out. Lip balm and moisturizer help to protect your skin and lips from drying from the cold air. It’s also good if you have one resort map with you. This helps you find the way in case you forget the path and in case you need any help or first-aid. These are quite a few things, but what’s the harm if you have these, you may need these things at any time.

Just pack smartly to make your skiing experience even more wonderful. Good Luck and Have Fun!

SUGGESTION: It’s better to take your gears and clothing on rent for 2-4 days if you are on a trial basis. Once you are sure about it, then purchase the clothing and the gears for that specific type of skiing.


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