Let’s talk about the transportation of the kayak

For this wonderful water activity i.e. kayaking, you need some equipment like kayak, paddle, life-jacket, proper clothing, etc. Now, if we are talking about the main and the largest equipment i.e. a kayak, you may have it on rent. But to have your own kayak is one of the best decisions, especially if you go kayaking more often.

As you are planning your kayaking trip, you bought new equipment i.e. kayak and a paddle, and get yourself ready for the trip. But have to think about transportation i.e. How you carry/transport that large kayak with you. As experienced kayakers can manage it quite well because they have the experience, but it gets somehow tricky for the first-timers. In actuality, safely transporting a kayak from your location to your destination needs to be done quite well, so that it’ll not harm your kayak in any possible way. Let’s talk about some safe and convenient ways to transport your kayak, which are discussed below:

If you have a pickup truck, then it gets quite convenient to carry your kayak with you. Just put your kayak in the back of your pickup truck and tie it with the help of ropes to keep it secure. This way, you can easily take your kayak from your location to your destination by road.

But if you have a car, then you need to prepare your car for carrying your kayak i.e. you need a proper rack on the roof-top of the car. There are various varieties of racks available in the market, which helps to transport your kayak on the rooftop of your car without scratching or damaging your car as well as your kayak. Let’s talk about some different types of roof-racks to hold kayaks, which is as follows:

  • J-CRADLE roof racks allow side loading your kayak and work great to secure any type of kayak.
  • SOFT RACKS are good to safely transport your kayak and these are of foam or inflatable.
  • STACKERS are the best option when you need to transport more than one kayak (usually of smaller size) on the roof-top of the car.
  • ROOFTOP SADDLES are good to hold your kayak very safely and helps to conveniently transport the kayak.
  • ROLLER RACKS are best for easy loading or de-loading of the kayak.

In some types of roof-racks, you may need crossbars on the roof of your car. And in others, roof-racks are used alone to hold and transport the kayak. Just check out all the things and get the roof of your car ready to safely hold and transport the kayak. Following is the list of SOME MOST POPULAR ROOF-RACKS:

This J-shaped roof rack is just perfect to carry a kayak of up to 75 pounds and 34-inch widths. The plus point of the j-shaped rack is, it covers less space on the rooftop of the car so that you can carry any other kayak (or anything else) on the other side of the crossbars. This is good to consider for easily transporting your kayak.

Hnadirack inflatable bars are good to be fitted on various cars. These inflatable bars work as temporary crossbars, which serve the purpose to carry a kayak on the roof-top of your car. You can easily inflate or deflate these bars as per your requirement and is quite handy to carry. If you want a temporary rack system for your car to carry the kayak, then it’s good to consider these inflatable bars.

Yakima JayLow roof rack is beautifully created with many useful features. You can easily install this roof rack on any type of crossbars and just use their clumps to tighten it on the crossbar, no extra thing is needed. One of the best things about this rack is it gets locked in two positions i.e. at 45 degrees (used a normal j-style rack) and at 90 degrees (used as a stacker to hold multiple kayaks). These features outshine this rack from other racks.

The Thule 830 is the stacker roof rack, which is used to hold and transport multiple kayaks (i.e. in general up to four) at once. It carries a kayak width of up to 34 inches and a length of 10 feet. One another useful feature is: This rack can easily be attached to your already existing crossbar (if any) and doesn’t need any tools to attach it. And it gets easily folded when you don’t need to use it.

Malone Stax Pro 2 is good to consider when you need a roof rack to hold multiple i.e. two kayaks. This rack has very good build quality, but in general, can carry up to 50 pounds per kayak. This rack system easily folds down when you don’t need it. This stacker rack system best serves your purpose, when you need to carry two small kayaks for your kayaking trip.

Different roof-racks serve different purposes, so choose the one, according to your car, your kayak, and your requirement (i.e. you need to carry a single kayak or multiple kayaks).

POINT TO REMEMBER: If you transport your kayak in the upright position, then don’t forget to seal the cockpit, else it increases the chances of water getting trapped inside the kayak if rain happens. And one other good option is: to transport your kayak in the down position i.e. the cockpit is facing down, and hence there is no chance of water trapping.

Now by using the rook-racks, you can easily carry the kayaks from your home/your location to the car parking of your destination. But you need to carry it by your hands to get to the river or lake. Let’s talk about it in a little detail: For that, you do have one backpack with you, in which you carry all your gear. Then carry the kayak in the upside-down position i.e. by putting your head in the cockpit area and hold it by using both hands. Just use your shoulders to well balance your kayak.

With this technique, it’s not just to make it convenient for you to carry your kayak but also to protect your kayak from scratches (which happens if you glide your kayak over the surface). Your little awareness makes it easy for you to transport your gear with you including that big gear i.e. kayak. In any situation, whenever you need to carry your kayak, just use this technique to safely carry it by your hands.

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