Some other winter sports & activities apart from skiing

Even when there is too cold/snow out there, you don’t need to stay indoor and get lazy. There are many winter activities apart from skiing, which you can enjoy the most and have fun. Just get to know about these winter activities, so that you can choose what best interests you. Skiing is not the only winter sport, there are many other winter sports as well, which are listed below:

Snowboarding is a wonderful winter activity, which was invented in the 1960s. Snowboarding is about sliding down the snowy mountains with the skateboard that gets attached to your feet. And the concept of snowboarding was influenced/inspired by the concept of skiing, skateboarding, and sledding. In 1998, this sport also got added to the winter Olympic games. There are various styles of snowboarding i.e. Freestyle, Alpine, Freeriding, Jibbing, Half-pipe, Big-air, etc. As every style needs different equipment and different technique, so choose the one as per your ability to enjoy snowy winters.

Ice-racing is all about racing by using motor cars, motorbikes, or any other motor vehicle on the frozen ice tracks like frozen rivers, frozen lakes, or on groomed frozen tracks. Ice racing may sound a little scary because of the motor vehicle on frozen lakes but in actual it’s not. You just need to learn proper technique and you are safe. This activity mostly takes place where the weather is extremely cold i.e. has natural ice-areas like higher regions of Canada, the northern part of the united states, some parts of Europe, even in France, etc. There are different kinds of tracks for ice-racing i.e. some are oval-shaped, while others are of road courses which have a length of several miles.

Ice skating is to glide yourself on ice surfaces by putting on ice skates (which are steel-bladed) on your feet. This activity is popular as a fun activity as well as a competitive sport. They are of various types like figure skating, speed skating, etc. There are different types of ice skates as well, depending upon the kind of skating style you are choosing. It can be played either on indoor rinks (which are man-made) or on outdoor ice surfaces like frozen rivers, canals, or other frozen water surfaces. Ice-skating is more fun, just give it a try especially if you love to skate.

Hockey when played on ice surfaces by wearing skates is called ice hockey. Some of the nations where ice hockey is most popular are Canada, United States, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and Ukraine. It’s a very interesting game as two teams played simultaneously, which attracts many viewers, as it’s very competitive. In general, each team has 6 players who face off with each other either on an indoor ice rink or an outdoor ice rink. It was first played in Canada in 1875 on an indoor ice rink but near about 1900 it developed professionally and even got added to the Olympics around the 1920s.

Segways are self-balancing, two-wheeled, and your own personal transporter, which is using to take a tour. It’s a good substitute instead of walking for sightseeing. But one thing definitely makes you think that Segways for winter tours. Well, winter Segways are just perfect to ride or enjoy sightseeing in snowy winters. X2 Segway model serves your purpose in snowy regions. Just pick the right place, where you can explore the natural beauty of the snowy winters and enjoy your winter Segway tours.

In sledding, sleds are used to slide down the snowy mountains. Whereas in some cases, they are used to carry luggage or passengers to the ground level. But, sledding is also a fun activity for children. Sleds are also of different styles, depending upon their purpose like a classic toboggan, tubes, runner sleds, horse-drawn sleds, Luge, snow-scooter, back-country sleds, etc. It’s not just a recreational activity, but also a great competitive sport. Just choose the type of sleds as per your purpose and enjoy sledding.

In snowmobiling, a snowmobile (also called a motor-sled or ski-doo) is used to travel across the snow and even to have fun on snow surfaces. Snowmobiling doesn’t need specific roads or trails to travel the snowmobile, as they are mostly driven on open terrains and trails. Ski-Doo’s are also of various types, which have different features i.e. some are good for powder, some are good for faster, etc. It’s good to experience this winter activity as well, especially when you want to travel faster or just to enjoy the natural beauty of the snowy hills.

Ski-biking also called ski-bobbing, where ski-bikes (which has a bicycle-type structure with skis attached to it instead of wheels) are used to hit the snowy mountains. Just use the proper technique to use it and it gets quite easy for you to learn. There are many resorts that allow you to ski biking. For example, some popular ski-areas or resorts in the United stated that permit ski-biking are Arizona Snowbowl, Kirkwood, Eagle Crest, Keystone, Vail, Big Mountain, and many more. It’s good to confirm it before heading towards the resort, because variations may happen with passing time.

You can also enjoy nature by experiencing snow-tubing in snowy mountains. In this, you’ll need the snow-tube and use gravity to slide down the snowy hills. It’s a very enjoyable and fun activity, but you enjoyed it, even more, when the snow is fresh on hills. One of the best parts about this activity is, you don’t need to maintain balance, technique, or need strength to slide down the hills. You just need to sit down on it and tightly hold it, and you are ready to go. There are various areas or resorts that allow snow tubing and for that, they have specific areas by considering your safety.

Ice canoeing is all about navigating your canoe over the semi-frozen rivers or water surfaces i.e. path of ice, and cold water. Earlier, it was developed as a mode of passing between the islands and shores of River Saint Lawrence in Canada. Then gradually it gets modified, getting popular, and even becomes adventurous sport i.e. on every year, there are six main ice-canoeing contests took place. Just get ready and try something new, to have more enjoyment and adventure in your life.


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