Some top kayaking apps that you should know about

Going out for any activity, especially water or snow activity, without predicting the weather conditions or some other basic things, can put you at risk. These days, technology spreads its feet in almost every field including paddling. So, it’s good to get the help of this technology i.e. in the form of apps, which actually helps you in many different ways i.e. to predict the weather, to track the location, to get the directions, to get the location, to predict the tides or waves, fishing area and many more. There are many kayaking apps available in your App Store or Play store, just make sure to choose the right one as per your requirement. Let’s talk about some common kayaking apps that you should know about, are as follows:

River Data app is for iOS users only i.e. an iPad or iPhone app, to get information about the water surfaces. This app contains the information of steam flow, oxygen reading, or any other info of river/water of more than 14,000 sites/locations. This app works best to get to know, if the water is dirty or stagnant, which you plan to choose for kayaking. Their added features, like navigation service, weather service, and many other services, outshines this app even more. This app is best used by the kayakers and by the fisherman to know about the river.

Go Paddling is a great app to get to know about the paddling location. It is completely free of cost for both iOS and Android users i.e. just download it and you are ready to use it. This app contains more than 25,000 paddling locations i.e. for kayaking, SUP (stand up paddling), and canoeing. With the help of this app, you can easily find a nearby location. This app also gives its user the access to comment or give a report about the location i.e. that actually helps you get to know about the latest info of the particular location.

This app is totally free to download but is for Android users only. Like: we use the Maps app to get to know about the roadways, similarly, the Polaris GPS navigation app is for waterways. This app uses the GPS on your device to: determine water depth, speed, distance, time, compass, navigation feature, and many more. One of the best things about this app is: it has built-in marine charts, which is very useful to know about the depth and some other attributes of water while kayaking/paddling. And most of the features of this app are good to be used in offline mode.

AccuWeather is one of the best apps to get weather-related information. It is totally free of cost and is for both iOS and Android users. With this app, you’ll get updates on the weather forecast and even real-time alerts. This app also helps you to know about the temperature, humidity, visibility, wind direction, and many more things. All these features actually help you make a decision of either going ahead or need to go back with your kayak. You can also apply filters and personalize this app as well, to get to know about the info that you want and can also hide the remaining, which makes this app even better to consider.

FishBrain app is good to use when you plan for fishing with your kayak or any other water-boat. This app helps you get to know about the nearby fishing locations, fish activities, and ways to improve your fishing experience. This app also helps to keep track of other anglers, to keep track of yours, and you too can share your experience as well. This app is available for both iOS and Android users. FishBrain Pro version is also available with lots of more features. So, do consider this app, when you go fishing.

KayakLog app is mainly created for kayak tours and travels. It is free of cost (the free version allows the user to make a maximum of 5 logs) and can be available for both the devices i.e. iOS and Android. Its paid version is also available with lots of more features. This app is good to track distance, speed, and time. This app is not just for real-time tracking, or safety alerts, but is also good to share your pictures or videos on the social platform. This app is also good to keep a record of your paddling speed, wind speed, emergency alerts, etc. when you paddle your kayak, which is good to consider for safety.

If you are looking for an app that is good to provide almost all the kayaking information like best fishing areas, routes to avoid like shallow water, wind speed, wind direction, weather forecast, maps, auto-routing, and many more. Then Boating USA & CANADA app is for you. This all-in-one app is just amazing to provide more accurate information, but it’s the paid one. One downside of this app is: it is only available for Android users.

Mountain Buzz White Water Community was first started as a website, then it created the app i.e. for both iOS and Android users. This free app is best for kayakers to discuss the current conditions. One of the other best points of this app is to stay connected with other kayakers even while kayaking. And with this app, you can also buy or sell used kayaking gear. Apart from this, this app is also good to get weather-related or river-related information.

Apart from these apps, many other apps are there like Strava, Trip Journal, Paddling Magazine, CrewNerd, Tides Near Me, FirstMate, and many more, which are also good to consider kayaking. Just choose the app as per your requirement, download it, and get ready for your kayaking trip.

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