Top destinations in Canada for kayaking

Canada, the world’s second-largest country in the world, is not only just a wonderful place for skiing but also an astonishing place for kayaking. In Canada, there are over 2 million lakes or water surfaces, amazing! Right? And the natural beauty over there just makes you speechless. There are a variety of lakes or water surfaces i.e. from calm to adventurous, so choose the water surface as per your ability and interest. Let’s talk about some best destinations in Canada for kayaking from the millions of rivers or lakes, which are listed below:

Ottawa river is called one of the best rivers in the world for white-water rafting/kayaking, which has an average length of around 1200 km. It has various different water conditions, which make it perfect for beginners, experts, and white-water kayakers. It’s just the perfect river to consider, either you want to enjoy adventure or want to learn it. As there are many programs going out there, which help you to learn the techniques and the skills and make you an expert kayaker with their training sessions. In short, this river is good to consider for any level of kayakers. Learn to kayak and enjoy the beauty of this river with your kayak.

This is one of the largest rivers in Canada with a total length of around 1600 km. This river is extended from Alberta to northern Manitoba. In this river, if you get lucky, can get the opportunity to observe and view beluga whales. It’s just so lovely to have fun with these cute social creatures. Not only this, but you can also enjoy watching polar bears or other water creatures while kayaking in the Churchill River. As a kayaking lover, it’s good to give it a try and enjoy watching water creatures as well as the beauty of the surroundings.

In Canada, you can also enjoy paddling or kayaking in Vancouver’s city i.e. false creek in British Columbia. The site scene by exploring the city in different ways by your kayak is just amazing. And guess what, even the restaurants, shops, and the market are just very nearby, where you can relax and enjoy after kayaking. You can easily get the kayak on rent over there as well. Most of the people get the kayak on rent and then leave it over there and enjoy the nearby market, lots of fun! Right? If exploring the urban area by kayaking best interests you, then False Creek is for you.

Haida Gwaii was earlier known by the name the Queen Charlotte Islands and is simply a huge attraction all over the world for kayaking. This water surface is good to consider for beginner’s i.e. the East Coast of Haida Gwaii as well as for the advanced kayakers i.e. the West Coast of Haida Gwaii. You can also take a multi-day tour to explore the beauty of this water surface i.e. may get the chance to see whales, sea lions, seals, black bears, and various types of sea birds. In other words, we can say this water surface is just perfect for everyone i.e. for any kayaker.

If you have the dream of navigating over the Arctic Ocean, then the northern coast of Baffin Island, Nunavut is for you. Kayaking on this water surface just gives you a very unique experience. This is a very large water surface, which is mostly covered with ice throughout the year. But when the ice melts, it’s just perfect to explore it with your kayak or canoe and experience the different shores, beaches, glaciers, or wildlife. The exploring sites over there are just endless.

Newfoundland is located very close to the city of St. John’s. The East Coast of Newfoundland is just perfect for kayaking. On this water surface, you can see the glaciers and many water creatures like whales, humpbacks, dolphins, seals, and various sea birds. This water surface is good for all kinds of kayakers i.e. from beginners to the experts. You can take a single-day tour or go for a multi-day tour to get the experience and to enjoy the beauty of this water surface. Just keep polishing your kayaking skills and keep trying something new.

Athabasca river is located on the west side of Alberta. This river is just amazing to explore the beautiful mountains through kayaking. This is a very calming water surface, which is best to have a relaxing and calming experience. At once, Athabasca used to be the region for gold miners or other traders, so you can also explore these historical sites of Athabasca while paddling down the river. There are different ways to enjoy this river i.e. there are different routes. Just select the route as per your ability and enjoy the experience.

There are lots of places in Algonquin Provincial Park for kayaking or canoeing like Barron Canyon, Cedar Lake, Canoe Lake, Misty Lake, Ragged Falls, etc. This place is considered one of the top destinations for kayaking, not just in Canada, but around the world, as told by Adam Van Koeverden (Former Olympic Medalist). This Canadian destination is very large, which is located in the southeast of Ontario. You can explore it by taking a multi-day tour to enjoy the beauty of this water surface, surrounding forests, and for fishing or hiking as well.

Bonaventure river is famous for its crystal-clear water. So to explore it with a kayak is just wonderful. The average length of this river is around 125km and a great spot for experienced or non-experienced kayakers/paddlers. You can greatly enjoy the clear bed of this transparent river i.e. stones, ledges, and can easily spot fish. The experience of kayaking over crystal clear water is just amazing.

These are some of the main spots in Canada for a wonderful kayaking experience. But apart from these, there are many others that are also too good for kayaking or paddling. Canada is one of the most beautiful countries, so the experience of exploring it with the kayak is just amazing. Choose your spot, explore it with your kayak, and enjoy it to the fullest.

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