Top Tips for First Time Skiers

Getting started for skiing for the first time will make you excited as well as nervous. As you are new in this sport or activity, so you hardly have any knowledge of what you’ll need and which place to choose for the skiing. It’s ok because everyone goes through this phase. Just prepare for skiing with some knowledge, it’ll make easier for you to understand the place you’ll choose, the equipment you’ll need and the techniques you’ll follow, in a much better way. Let’s look at some of the important things that you should consider or know about skiing as a beginner which are as follows:

As a beginner, it’s really important to choose the right place to get started with skiing. It’s good to choose the location that has a decent and groomed slope, rather than steep slopes. As a starter, the simplest place you’ll choose, the more easily and faster you’ll learn to balance, stop, or take turns. For that, simply do the research and choose the resort that supports and provides services like groomed place, ski schools, family programs, chairlifts etc. for the beginners.

If you want to learn anything new, then you must know that it takes time and patience. So if you try to learn from your partner or your closed one, then you may end up with frustration and anger. So it’s better to take a lesson and learn the skills of skiing from a professional rather than from your partner, relative or a friend. Plus the professionals have the skill, patience, and techniques of every little thing to make sure you’ll learn, be confident and stay safe in these snowy mountains. Their experience will teach you in a much better way. So just take a proper lesson from the trainer, which will help you to be an expert in no time.

As a beginner, when you learn to ski, you’ll fall more often. There’s nothing to be ashamed or feel embarrassed of. The more you’ll fall, the more you’ll learn to avoid slipping while falling and the more you’ll learn to stand. Falling is actually a part of your learning process i.e. it’s good to fall. Actually everyone falls a lot in the beginning and believe me, which is actually more fun rather. Every time you fall, just get up, maintain balance, and try again.

To have an expectation of learning skiing straight away within 2-3 days, is not going to happen in reality. Better prepare your mind in advance that it’s a game of patience and needs some time to learn proper techniques. You may fall more in the starting especially in the first 2-3 days, after falling it will be difficult for you to stand up, you may get embarrassed after seeing kids or youngsters doing stunts and enjoying, this may get you frustrated, etc. These things may happen with you, so just have a reasonable expectation: Don’t loose hope, keep trying and simply try to improve with every passing day.

One of the most common mistakes that most of the beginners do is straighten their legs while skiing. This actually messes up their balance, control and makes them fall. Do consider this basic thing that you should always bend your knees while skiing. Bending your knees helps you to have more control on the skies, helps to maintain your balance even in small jumps or uneven surface, and also helps to maintain your form. Now the next question, which comes into your mind is: “How much you need to bend?” And the answer is: you’ll get to know from your trainer or with your own experience. This small tip is surely going to help you maintain balance and get improvement faster.

Your equipment, gears, and dress also impact a lot on your performance and safety while skiing. You can either buy your own or get it on rent. Just make sure they totally fit you. Let’s have a look at the list of few things that are very important to have before skiing:

> One of the most important thing is good-fitted shoes. It’ll be going to make a huge difference on the performance.
> Please don’t wear denims or cotton based lower. Because you are going to fall a lot, and some fabrics will make you feel cold. So always wear ski-pants/snow-pants to stay dry and warm while skiing.
> Don’t forget about waterproof jacket as well to stay dry.
> As a beginner, it’s also good to wear a helmet for safety.
> Skis, poles, waterproof gloves, goggles, and sunscreen are some of the other essentials that you need while skiing

As a beginner, those skis and bindings are totally new for you, which may make you look towards them or at the tip of them while learning to ski. This is another most common mistake that most skiers do in the beginning. Look a little straight as that will help you get to know about bumps or an uneven surface, which will make you prepare in advance and this also helps to maintain your balance.

The confirmed mantra for success is practice, practice and just practice. At times you will get frustrated for not getting the technique or the balance and may just want to quit, especially in the beginning. Remember, everyone has to go through this phase either one time or the other. At this time, you just need a little motivation to push yourself. Simply practice more to get the perfection. No doubt it takes a long time to be perfect, but it’s not impossible. So start practicing more from today to enjoy this adventurous activity even more. Even as a beginner or trying new variation of skiing, you can easily control and maintain balance gradually with practice. So what are you waiting for, come on just keep doing it!

As it’s a fun activity, so just don’t let it over-burden you, this way you’ll actually lose your enjoyment. Just relax, go slow, take it easy, and enjoy. Simply enjoy falling, getting up, turning, controlling speed, like everything about this activity. Going out in nature and learning something new, itself is a great experience. Simply enjoy and practice more.


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